Magnetic Man – Eclipse

The debut album from dubstep trio Skream, Benga and Artwork, in the guise of Magnetic Man, came out this week and as I love it so much, and their previous work together, I’ve decided to have a rare SWS post without an image to accompany it to mark the occasion. Yes that’s right, I’m once again flexing my rules for the blog a little bit. That’s not to say that there isn’t a really obvious image to accompany the above, it’s just that I unfortunately, have not yet taken it – and eclipses are actually pretty rare here in the UK.

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[The] Caseworker – Boats

In the past I have mentioned on shotwithsound that I still get excited that people send me their band’s music to check out and share with people if I like it, and said that this is often quite difficult to do given the nature of the blog. That said, sometimes the planets align and a great song pops in to my inbox with a photo that seems made for it landing at the top of my memory card at the same time.

So it was with [The] Caseworker’s Boats (makes a mental note to copy the band’s name so I can just paste the fussy spelling!). The band makes crisp indie music that reminds me a bit of early REM, but at times they sound a little more jangly and cutie than that too.

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Summer Fades

Smoke Fairies – Summer Fades

Rarely has a song I’ve used on shotwithsound better fitted my mood than this one does, so I’m glad to be able to post it here to share with you. The tune is an incredibly delicate, nostalgic song lamenting the the fact that there is nothing to look forward to… All a bit heavy eh, and the song’s about the end of a relationship, which doesn’t have anything to do with my current state of mind at all, but who doesn’t get to the end of summer and feel a bit down?

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The XX – Islands (Live)

There’s not much more to say about the XX that’s not been written, blogged or delicately whispered over electro beats, so I’ll keep this short! As you will inevitably know, in an eminently sensible and thus utterly unpredictable decision, the Mercury Music Prize judges awarded the now trio with album of the year earlier this week.
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Pulling On A Line

Great Lake Swimmers – Pulling On A Line (Live)

I’ve been wanting to feature Great Lake Swimmers on here for such a long time that the draft of this post, with the live version of Pulling On A Line that is attached to it actually dates from January. Since then I’ve taken about four different photos that I’ve thought of featuring with it, but have rejected each of them for not being exactly what I pictured when I heard the song – a shot facing out to sea with a man fishing, silhouetted against a setting sun…

As you can see above, I’ve not actually used the image I was imagining, because having actually recently taken one in Bournemouth that was pretty close to it, I realised I didn’t actually like it that much and I much prefer the one above. I like the companionship that’s at the heart of it and the way nature’s power is drawn out with the swan beating his wings in the foreground.

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