7 A.M (Inédit) – The Shoes & Kelly De Martino

Celebrating the start of my holiday tomorrow with this image and the song above. The song is drawn from a compilation that Air France issued called In The Air features Nouvelle Vague, Four Tet and the Chemical Brothers in amongst a more diverse and underground selection (the likes of which I have trouble imagining bothering the playlists of anyone at BA, American Airways or Ryanair!).

Released last year, it is a compilation drawing from music played on the airline’s inflight music channel (also called In The Air) and is mostly the sort of post-Air, nu lounge music that soundtracks thousands of high-end hotel lobbies around the world – to be clear I’m in no way denigrating it for that, half my CD collection could fit the same description!

Unfortunately the image above is not France, but Spain – taken where I am flying to tomorrow in the late evening light as the moon rises over the white walled village and the sky gradually mutates from lightest blue to a black enlivened only by stars. However, as 7am explicitly mentions Spain but not France, hopefully the geographical lapse isn’t a problem.

The song is a collaboration between two Francophile American artists – long-standing power pop / indie four piece The Shoes and Kelly De Martino, an American singer-songwriter who is, as they say, big in France. Like the rest of the album, it’s gentle, low-fi, vocal led and conjures up images of flight, blue skies and discovery.

There is more info about the compilation on the Air France website here: Air France

There don’t appear to be any hard copies of the album available as far as I can tell, but as ever, you can download it from iTunes: The Shoes & Kelly De Martino - In the Air

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