Microcomplex| Tractile – Adorant (Marc Houle remix) |

One look at the image above will tell you two things I hope, firstly that it’s been Photoshopped to within an inch of sense and two, any music accompanying it needs to feature repetitive, futuristic beats if it is going to fit the photo.

The original image is a tower block in Islington, North London built in the brutalist style made famous by the South Bank Centre. The image above has had it’s levels played with and been tightly cropped to emphasise the repetition of the architecture. As soon as I finished the image, I knew I wanted something from M-Nus, Richie Hawtin’s (Fuse, Plastikman) Berlin based minimal label, to accompany it. It just took me a while to decide what.

M-Nus specialize in bubbling, ping-ponging minimal techno by artists like Troy Pierce, Magda and Hawtin himself, some of it a little samey to be sure, but they release far too many gems for that to matter.

Tractile has been working on M-Nus for several years but I thinkĀ  Adorant is the best thing he’s done for the label and Marc Houle makes it all the better with his version, which featured on the M-Nus 2007 tour promo and is on Kontakt[2]. It’s a shimmering, playful track that adds a lot of colour and melody to the minimal techno template devised in Detroit 20 odd years ago, and shows how full and emotional a track can sound despite a paucity of elements.

Adorant is available on the M-Nus compilation Kontakt [2] which can be purchased or downloaded from their website.

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