Stars -

The shimmering, melodic harmonies that characterise Stars’ music seem to paint a picture of the world that is ever so slightly hyper-real and almost chocolate box – without the dark imagery that packages the harmonies you could be forgiven for thinking they inhabit some utopian glowing future.

Best known for 2005′s Set Yourself On Fire, from which Ageless Beauty is drawn to accompany this picture, the band are a group of one-time Montreal residents who also make up various parts of rolling collective Broken Social Scene and are now part of the indie social scene that flourishes in Toronto and includes other indie scensters like Feist, Metric and The Weakerthans.

Ageless Beauty itself is the sort if perfect pop made by indie kids that seems more common in these days of Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear topping the charts, or coming close, but was a little rarer in 2005 when it helped to break them to what passed for a mainstream audience then.

The image above was taken in Trafalgar Square (the place that all mile markers to London measure the distance to fact fans) and as you can see has been subjected to a mild and rudimentary Photoshop treatment to bring out the hazy beauty of the colours and shapes in the square. I like the way the picture matches the martial metaphors of the lyrics but also the glossy glamour of the music… And I love the couple captured in a quiet kiss at the bottom of the photo – I didn’t even notice them when I took it, along with loads more to try and get the exposure right, but there they are!

You can buy Set Yourself On Fire from Amazon here

But unfortunately they don’t appear to be on iTunes – but you can out more about them, and Broken Social Scene, or their record label, Arts & Crafts, page here

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