The Beatles – Birthday

I wouldn’t normally dream of using material by any of the greats of modern music on shotwithsound – far be it from me to attempt to link one of my photos with works of art by the likes of Dylan, the Stones, Ace of Base, or even little known Scouse skiffle act The Beatles – but as today is a special day, I’m going to make an exception.

For today is, as those with a keen sense for song naming conventions or an unhealthy interest in the mythology of shotwithsound will already have realised, is our first birthday. Which means I owe a hosting company some cash… And if Apple (the record recording corporate shills as opposed to the phone signal tampering corporate shills) notice this MP3, I’ll almost certainly owe them some cash too.

So in a tacit plea for mercy to their armies of lawyers, I say this: today is shotwithsound’s birthday, a special, happy occasion so I will break my no superstars rule for a day, but I will soon return to posting younger bands (who may appreciate the exposure, and if they don’t who can’t afford good lawyers) and will remove this MP3 shortly.

As you may be aware, you can’t buy material from The Beatles from iTunes, but there is more than enough of it available in lovely, reassuringly solid hard copy available from Amazon here… you could do much worse than parting with the £180 required to purchase the Mono box-set available here too. It cost me £200 and it’s still one of the best things I’ve ever bought – genuinely, I’m not just saying that to persuade Apple not to sue me!

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