The XX – Blood Red Moon (Demo)

After featuring The XX high in my best of 2010 list (like every other music blogger and two bit hack), I’ve been trying to work out one of their songs to use on here for a fair while now with no luck so far.

The problem was a combination of me thinking too literally and forgetting the raisin d’etre of shotwithsound, and them writing songs that no matter how amazing they sound, are basically the musings of mooning adolescents. I was focussing too much about the lyrics (which are often sub-Twilight, although that’s not always a problem round here!) when I should have remembered that SWS is about the music – how or makes me feel, where it takes me, the mood it creates for me.

As soon as I moved away from the literal to the metaphysical (and you thought this blog could get no more pretentious?!) I worked out that what listening to XX reminds me of is late nights and dark streets, whispering greetings and flickering streetlights. And London. They remind me of London despite sounding like the perfectly chiseled love children of Serge Gainsbourg, Air, Edith Piaf and DJ Mehdi (a four way love child, eugh gross – rubbish similie ed)… Well, they sound hip, French and young anyway – but they sound like London nights and flickering lights to me.

Hence the midnight light trails in the shot above – encompassing as it does lights from the A40 and from the Metropolitan line. There is a coldness as well as a coolness in the XX’s music that I hope the image above recreates a little.

I usually do a bit of a biography of the bands I feature on here, but I doubt that anyone is unaware of their backgrounds – that school loads of people more talented than I’ll be went to; Rough Trade deal; album recorded at night in a whisper; sensation – so I shall do no more than that. The demo of Blood Red Moon featured on the b-side of the Basic Space single last summer, and is a simple, short and symptomatic of the songs that featured on the debut, all sirens, synths and smoke soaked low-key vocals.

I figured most of the people reading this will have or have heard their debut album, so I chose to use one of the b-sides to one of their earlier singles on here to keep it interesting, but if you don’t you can buy it from Amazon here or download it from The XX

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