[The] Caseworker – Boats

In the past I have mentioned on shotwithsound that I still get excited that people send me their band’s music to check out and share with people if I like it, and said that this is often quite difficult to do given the nature of the blog. That said, sometimes the planets align and a great song pops in to my inbox with a photo that seems made for it landing at the top of my memory card at the same time.

So it was with [The] Caseworker’s Boats (makes a mental note to copy the band’s name so I can just paste the fussy spelling!). The band makes crisp indie music that reminds me a bit of early REM, but at times they sound a little more jangly and cutie than that too.

The track above is a low fi pop number that manages to sound quite dark, perhaps because of the sweeping chorus that sounds a little like Low to me. Something about the song sounds nostalgic to me, although

[The] Caseworker are an Irish boy girl duo now based in San Francisco who profess to be unrelated though share a surname (perhaps listening too much White Stripes has made me paranoid!)

The image was captured recently in Dorset as the sun set over Mudeford Quay and the boats found themselves isolated in the cooling water. The dark, chilly but not unwelcome mood of the image seems to fit well to the sounds of the song to me, the happy titular relation also helps though!

Boats is the title track of [The] Caseworker’s new EP, released last week on Indiecater Records. If you like what you hear you can buy the five track from the label’s website here

There is also an album and a European tour at the start of next year to look forward to too!

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