Iron & Wine – Sunset Soon Forgotten

The photo above was taken on my last trip to Spain (as was this one for that matter), shortly before I fell / slid / scrabbled (5 foot / 45 foot / 100 foot) down the side of the mountain from which it was taken. The experience left me with adrenaline rushing, heart pounding, and a very real understanding that staying up a mountain until it is by any definition dark, just to get a photo of the sunset, is pretty bloody silly. Still, looks good doesn’t it?!

The point being, that in this case, it was, for me, far from being a sunset soon forgotten, unlike the one name checked by Iron & Wine in the song above. So there might not be a titular link, but trust me, as the lyric says, the sun was still sinking, down and down.

Iron & Wine, as is ever more often the case with modern Americana ‘bands’ is in fact the stage name of Texan Sam Beam, and an expanding band of sometime collaborators. In the UK (and abroad for all I know) Iron & Wine are known principally for the cover of (often my favourite song), The Postal Service’s Such Great Heights, which featured in indie kid fav film Garden State and on an advert for a probably long dead search engine. Despite that, there are four albums full of their own brilliant, low key take on folk / americana, as well as a great rarities compilation and live album.

The song sounds to me like a rushing precursor to The Low Anthem’s excellent To Ohio from last year (mentioned in my top ten albums), but dates from Beam’s second album, 2004′s Our Endless Numbered Days. The album is a collection of delicate ballads superior in my view to the bearded troubadour’s 2007 set The Shepherd’s Dog (did I mention Beam has the best beard and hair in music? Yes better than Devandra).

You can buy the album from Amazon here or download it from Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days