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Magnetic Man – Eclipse

The debut album from dubstep trio Skream, Benga and Artwork, in the guise of Magnetic Man, came out this week and as I love it so much, and their previous work together, I’ve decided to have a rare SWS post without an image to accompany it to mark the occasion. Yes that’s right, I’m once again flexing my rules for the blog a little bit. That’s not to say that there isn’t a really obvious image to accompany the above, it’s just that I unfortunately, have not yet taken it – and eclipses are actually pretty rare here in the UK.

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06 Re-Up

Since I first heard Burial’s South London Burroughs EP a few years ago (no I’m not fronting I don’t think I heard it till he was already fairly famous, although still anonymous at that stage) I’ve enjoyed dubstep but tended to for a couple of years at least, think it was a little limited as a genre, and probably destined to not be very long lived. In the last year or so a few things have changed my mind about that, or perhaps have changed dubstep to make it a little more diverse, and a little more likely to outlive it’s creators popularity.

After Burial’s Untrue album got so much attention, every advert seemed to borrow a tune or too many from a dubstep album, and it seemed to go a little stale. But a few new producers emerging – best of whom is Ikonika by a long way I think – and then the release of what for me is already a contender for album of the year from Skream, Outside The Box, seems to have re-energized the genre.
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