Ciao My Shining Star
Mark Mulcahy - Ciao My Shining Star
If you are into your music and spend much time on blogs like mine then you may be aware of the story behind Ciao My Shining Star – the recently released compilation named after the song above – but just in case, and because it gets me, I’m going to repeat it.

The album is a compilation of the songs of Mark Mulcahy, formerly of Miracle Legion, laterly of utterly brilliant, inspiring solo albums and features people like Thom Yorke, Frank Black, and Michael Stipe re-imagining his songs.

The album is being released as a benefit to raise money for Mark, because he has recently retired from making music to become a full-time father to his twins, following the tragically early death of his wife Melissa.

If that isn’t enough to make you hit the link and buy the album, just push play above, keep the story in mind, and see if you can avoid welling up… Then buy the album!

The photo above is the first time I have a posed picture (hell, it’s only the third time a real person has featured on the blog) to try and capture the mood a song leaves me with, and I have to admit I’ve not suceeded as much as I might have liked, but I still think the shot fits the sound, to an extent.

I’d like to feature more people photos in the future, but willing models are hard to find – I’ve not yet managed to have a face afterall!

Strangely in the UK you can only buy the album Fathering, from which Ciao My Shining Star is drawn on import from Amazon here.

But you can order it much cheaper direct from the record label here

And you can get the compilation here.

You can also download Fathering from mark mulcahy - fathering

Or get Ciao My Shining Star the album: Thom Yorke - Ciao My Shining Star - a Love Letter to Melissa: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy

And if your lucky enough to live in the States, there is a special forty plus track digital version of the compilation too: Thom Yorke - Ciao My Shining Star (Deluxe Edition)

Which should give you some idea of just how inspirational and influential Mulcahy has been – I can’t think of many artists who could find forty peers to produce covers for such a project, still less good ones!

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