Bloc Party – Song For Clay (Disappear Here)

Part of my ongoing drive to avoid the pressures that come with relevance means that I very rarely post about new music on the day that it is released… That and a sense that in most cases it’s a bit unfair to make something brand new readily available for free.

For this post though, I’m changing the rules slightly – it’s about an album that is out today, but doesn’t feature music from it. You see, today marks the release of The Boxer, first solo album from Bloc Party main man Kele Okereke, and given my strangely never posted upon love of his band, it seemed reasonable to bend my rules to post about it.

Judging from the lead single Tenderoni, it seems (having only bought it on a lunch time trip to Fopp, I’m yet to listen to it) that The Boxer will continue the development marked by each of Bloc Party’s three studio albums – pushing towards a more dance-edged, electro feel. In a way that’s a shame, because the initial indie kids who like keyboards and drum machines niche they carved has now been filled with a series of derivative acts ploughing similar fields and a new direction would have been nice, but when you have your niche and your still better than your imitators, why move too far I guess.

The track above is the opener from Bloc Party’s sophomore album, A Weekend In The City, and draws heavily on Bret Easton Ellis’s Eighties debut novel Less Than Zero for it’s lyrical themes – even utilising a version of its opening line “People are afraid to merge on the freeways in Los Angeles” in the chorus – hence the photo above!

With Clay being the novel’s protagonist, and Disappear Here featuring on billboards across LA in the book, the influence is apparent, although I’ve never noticed the band explain it in an interview. If anyone knows why they chose that particular treatise on Eighties alienation for the song, I’d love to know.

Strangely, as if timed, Bret Easton Ellis has written a sequel to Less Than Zero called Imperial Bedrooms that is due for release on July 2nd… Hopefully with band or alone, Kele will write a sequal to Song For Clay too!

You can buy The Boxer from Amazon here or download it from iTunes here:Kele

Kele also has a very good blog in the style of Kanye West here.

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