Dumb Luck
Dntel - Dumb Luck

Having already featured the day job of one half of The Postal Service (Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard), I’m now using the other half’s main project on shotwithsound… Given TPS are one of my favourite ever bands, seems like I should go straight to source, but this way I get to prolong the build up and work out the best image for them when I get round to it.

Jimmy Tamborello’s Dntel make electronic glitch pop unsurprisingly not dissimilar to The Postal Service but a little further from the mainstream and a little more deconstructed – featuring guest vocals from the likes of Conor Oberst, Mia Doi Todd, Grizzly Bear and Gibbard – on the brilliant This Is The Dream Of Evan And Chad.

Dumb Luck is the title, and opening, track from Dntel’s 4th, and latest album – released in 2007. Although it seems pretty autobiographical, the main message of the song, set out in the lyrics below, seem appropriate for most of us to remember:

Just don’t forget
That it’s dumb luck that got you here
Don’t fool yourself
Misfortune’s waiting for the best time to appear…

I took the photo to accompany the dong this week during an early morning work trip to Canary Wharf, the centre of London’s financial services district. As the people who used to be the masters of the universe pour out of the Tube station, engrossed in their FTs and their Blackberries, as they charge into their glass palaces, it seems to me that they may benefit from stopping to think about Dumb Luck once in a while…

Using a wide aperture and longer than necessary exposure on a sunny morning gives both the sense of hurried industry and a dream like fragility to the image to help it work better with the song.

As ever, you can buy the album Dumb Luck from Amazon here

Or download it from Dntel - Dumb Luck

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