Suicide – Frankie Teardrop

So for this All Saints’ Eve a disturbing image to accompany possibly the most disturbing band ever singing what is to me the single most creepy, freaky, scary and down right fucked up piece of music ever recorded.

Suicide’s Frankie Teardrop concerns the exploits of a family slaying factory worker and his subsequent descent to Hell. To me Frankie represents the absolute antithesis of the blue denim rock of Bruce Springsteen or worse Bon Jovi… Even though ostensibly they frequently deal with the same themes.

The image is of a statue the Sistine Chapel and didn’t need too much Photoshopping to make the odd, desperate looking chap you see above… Typically I snapped the pic without much consideration of my stony subject so can’t tell you much about him – except he doesn’t look any happier than poor old Frankie Teardrop and the hammer he’s bashing himself with made me think of Suicide’s relentless industrial rhythyms.

Even though it is knocking on for being 35 years old, Frankie still just as raw, demented and horrifying as the day it was recorded.

Turn this all the way up and I defy you not to jump out of your skin when Alan Vega screams for the first time… And every other time too.

The double disc re-issues version of Suicide’s eponymous debut has some more listenable tracks, for instance ‘hit single’ Cheree and Ghost Rider, as covered by REM. You can buy it from AmazonĀ here or download it from Suicide - Suicide

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