Glasvegas – Be My Baby

After posting about Wavves on Sunday, I listened again to their album King of the Beach, and then yesterday morning, on the way to work, listened to Best Coast’s Crazy For You, coming to the conclusion that both owed a debt not only to late-sixties surf rock, early-seventies soul and late-eighties scuzz rock but also to a group of pasty-faced, leather-jacketed social-worker lauding Glasweigans… Yes that’s right, the appropriately named Glasvegas.

So because I’ve yet to notice anyone else draw the link, and point out that Glasvegas were pretty much the first band of the new wave of fuzzy garage rockers, or perhaps the last of a wave that started a decade ago with the Vines and Strokes, or perhaps I’m on my own on this one and there’s no link at all!

But I think if you listen to Glasvegas’ self-titled debut album, the blueprint for the Motown drums with distorted wah wahhing guitars and raspy vocals that characterise many of this year’s biggest bands are written throughout it.

For me the link is never stronger than in the cover they produced of Be My Baby – I’m not being mean to them when I say that for almost any band who cover it, it’s almost inevitably their finest hour it’s such a great song, and that its no different in their case! Have a listen below, but if you’ve got Wavves’ album, stick on When Can I come and tell me they haven’t followed those plans!

If you read regularly, you’ll know a few days ago I said I wasn’t going to be putting my photos on here anymore, but after what can only be described as a localised outcry from my loyal and uncompromising readers, I’ve sort of changed my mind, so once again shotwithsound is about shot and sounds again. The image above, taken in a cafe in Ho Chi Ming City is a nice romantic but slightly scuzzy accompaniment to a nice romantic song covered by some scuzzy weegies.

This MP3 was part of the Guardian’s 2009 Glastonbury download compilation, so thanks to them for it!

You can buy Glasvegas from Amazon here or download it from iTunes: Glasvegas – Glasvegas.

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