Go (Trentmoller remix)Moby – Go (Trentemøller remix)

‘Techno Friday’ on shotwithsound contnues for another week with Anders Trentemøller’s frenetic, kinetic mix of the Moby classic, Go from what seems about six months ago but was actually first issued in 2006.

The track featured on both the second (remix) disc of the Moby’s Greatest Hits album and on Trentemøller’s own Chronicles second disc and combines the uplifting trancey hook of the original with Trentemøller’s trademark shuffling, squelchy beats and bleeps.

For a slightly warped version of a classic track, I choose a slightly warped photo of a train track to accompany it.

I took the photo above earlier this week without a real plan until I was at East Acton Tube station with time to kill waiting for my train. I knew there was one other train going by first so decided to try a really distorted, long exposure fisheye lens shot that would emphasise the speed of movement and the circular shape of the train.

This photo is actually my train arriving after I messed up my first two attempts with the other train, and it was only after I had a look at it and realises it came out even weirder than I expected (check out the front lights bleeding forward into the dark space – no idea what caused it!) that I decided to use it with Go on here, I think it has a similar drive and spark to the track, while being that bit abnormal to work with Trentemøller’s input…

For some reason the iTunes version of The Trentemøller Chronicles doesn’t have the same track list on it’s second disc as the physical release, so doesn’t feature Go, but does have several other classic Trentemøller tracks (real standouts are his versions of Djuma Soundsystem’s Les Dijinns and The Knife’s We Share Our Mother’s Health, and his own Moan). You can get it here:Trentemøller - Trentemøller - The Digital Chronicles

Get the Moby Greatest Hits remix version: Moby - Go - The Very Best of Moby (Remixed)

The full track listing is on the double CD version, you can get it from Amazon here.

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