Heavens – Heather

When it comes to gloom, Alkaline Trio main man Matt Skiba takes some beating. So when you’ve a photo of a grave, it’s a good idea to look his way, sooner or later. This is, afterall, the man who wrote of wanting his lover to take his radio to bathe with her, plugged in and ready to fall, and of throwing lit cigarettes down, hoping to maybe catch fire.

Skiba’s day job takes the girls, stakeboards and baseball caps of pop punk and adds a macabre mix of maggots and misery. But wholeheartedly not in a cheap, faux goth way of the likes of AFI… it’s smarter and dumber than that all at once: they called an album Good Mourning for god’s sake!

So casting around for a song to listen to in a graveyard and casting aside the cliched and the corny (farewell Cemetary Gates), I came to Skiba’s short-lived sideproject, Heavens, with whom he created, alongside K-Minus’ Josiah Steinbrick, one album, Patent Pending, in 2006. After the album and a short tour, the duo dissolved in a deluge of distemper.

But in the interim, they left us 11 songs (and an ok cover of gloomy music’s most frequently massacred tune of choice, Love Will Tear Us Apart), including a song about a girl who takes photos in grave yards. What better sound to accompany a shot of a grave stone?

The good news for fans of his dark lyrics and darker humour is that Skiba has a solo album due out this summer, and if his previous work performing Alkaline Trio songs in his own for a split EP with Kevin Seconds is anything to go by, it should more than match his other material.

You can buy Patent Pending from Amazon here, albums from Skiba’s day job here and that split EP here.

Or download them from Alkaline Trio

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