Vampire Weekend – Holiday

It’s that most unheard of of things – shotwithsound posts on consecutive days… why I hear you cry, what have we done to deserve this particularly delightful bounty of music and photography?

Ok, so that’s probably just the central heating pipes creaking not cries of rapture and wonderment, but I’ll explain for their benefit. This will be the last shotwithsound post for the next three or four weeks as I am off on holiday to Vietnam and Hong Kong, so will have better things to do than blog, incredible though it seems.

The choice of songs called Holiday (or Vacation for that matter) was pretty vast, but as Contra only came out a month or two ago, I alighted on that over Madonna, the Get Up Kids, Green Day, Weezer or Dizzee Rascal.

I won’t say too much about the song or the band as despite Hype Machine telling us Pheonix were the most blogged about band last year, I swear I never browse a music blog without reading about Vampire Weekend‘s upturned collars and afro-beat influences…

Hope you can live without the blog for a while, but if you can’t, you can always explore the archives (2010, 2009).

Contra is available from Amazon here and can be downloaded from Vampire Weekend - Contra (Bonus Track Version)

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