I'll follow you into the darkDeath Cab For Cutie – I Will Follow You Into The Dark

“A plan almost always has a happy ending” – Ben Gibbard, Death Cab singer/song writer.

A sombre sounding song to accompany a distinctly sombre shot today… But unlike the image, which is genuinely gloomy, the song is actually a heartfelt love song. I wouldn’t expect anything else from Ben Gibbard really.

The song’s main lyric promises a lover that even if she is cast into limbo, alone, he will follow her, into the dark. The natural lines of the photo seem to encourage the eye to do the opposite and follow from dark to light, so maybe it’s less gloomy than I imagined.

As a bit a sentimentalist, the Death Cab idea of imagining a love strong enough to surpass even death is a faintly familiar if meloncholy one – in sickness, health and death if you like!

The above quote describes Gibbard’s approach to the full length album that features I’ll Follow You Into The Dark, Plans, and captures his aim of writing about the space between expectation and realisation – as Steinbeck had it, of mice and men.

Plans is a brilliant album and is for me the best of Death Cab’s increasingly prodidgeous output – although I prefer Gibbard’s album with Dntel man Jimmy Tamberello as The Posysl Service to any of his day job records I think… I’ll work out a picture to go with one of those tracks soon.

You can get Plans from Amazon here.

Or download it from iTunes: Death Cab for Cutie - Plans

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