In A Beautiful Place Out On The CountryIn a Beautiful Place Out In the Country

Still trying to stick with Techno Fridays – but I suspect as I am mining the bottom of the barrell in referring to Boards Of Canada’s lush, verdant electronica as techno at all this could well be the last in the series.

There is clearly at least linguistic link from the title of In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country alone to the image above – it was shot in Cornwall near Padstow. But as well as that I think the fragile nature of the song, the half heard glimpses of found sound samples and laughter all fit the mood of the photograph too. Fragile flowers shaped brightly against a dark and ominous sky, just as the genteel melody of the song is aurally silhouetted by the bass line.

The song (way too long a name to keep typing out!) is the title track of the four track EP that Boards released after the Music Has The Right To Children album but before Geogaddi. The EP is essentially a concept series about the countryside and nature – if I was the type to put entire releases up I could have a very nice four image collage (nearly mimicking it’s cover) for all four tracks.

It was originally released as a 12″ vinyl on sky blue vinyl – which sells for about £30 new but can be picked up quite cheaply second hand – but it is more accessibly now available on CD too.

Both it and the two albums are worth checking out if you enjoy mellow, ambient-influenced electronica.

Get the EP from Amazon: here

Get the EP from iTunes: Boards of Canada - In a Beautiful Place Out In the Country - EP

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