Into The Trees

Trentemøller – Into the Trees (Live At Roskilde 2007)

Intrepid and eagle-eyed readers of shotwithsound may remember that about a fortnight ago I posted in advance of a foolhardy scheme to scale Snowdon.

The good news is I made it the top in the midst of gale force winds, driving rain and sleet. The better news is I made it back down again with a few passable images taken in the briefest periods as the clouds broke – or half broke as in the image above.

This isn’t the first time that the work of Anders Trentemøller has featured on here (actually he wins the award for being the first repeat, although the first use was a remix not an original composition) but seeing as the last post to feature him (Go) was about speed and the city, I feel it’s justified to have one more about gradual motion and organic evolution.

I’ve long though that his music captures better than most the organic desolation present in lots of techno music since the work of Robert Hood, Richie Hawtin and Derrick May, redefined it as minimal in the early nineties… And although at times it fits the dance floor, more often – alongside artists like Nathan Fake, Plaid and Boards of Canada – his work is perfect for soundscaping a dark and dangerous countryside.

I chose Into The Trees specifically for its very gradual introduction and tendancy throughout to hint at reaching a climax with false summit after false summit of mini crescendos before finally culminating in a brutal bass and bleeps extraveganza and gently letting you back down to earth… A long slog before a brilliant denoument in other words – or just like the mountain! See what I did there?

The version above is from the Live In Roskilde 2007 EP which you can download here: Trentemøller - Live In Concert: Roskilde Festival, 2007

The original was on the Last Resort album which you can get from Amazon here.

Or again download from Trentemøller - The Last Resort

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