Kick, Push

Lupe Fiasco – Kick, Push

As it says in the info on the side bar about this blog, the first photos I started taking seriously were of skateboarders when I was in my teens. I started taking pictures because I found I was better at that than I was at the actual skateboarding, and unsurprisingly more than ten years later, I’m only doing one of them still.

The skate photos led to me taking an A-level in Photography just as the art form was moving from standard SLR cameras to digital ones, but I was a little early to learn too much about digital techniques at that point. It did however give me a grounding in the technical side of it all. These days I very rarely find myself taking skate photos, not really knowing anyone who still skates, but last year in Madrid, a group of guys with boards caught my eye and I took a few photos.

This one is far and away my favourite, not necessarily for the composition or the trick, but I love the way the two boarders behind the guy in the air are entirely ignoring him, even he seems detached as he casually listens to his iPod while riding, in fact the only person who seems to be paying full attention is the lady in the background, entranced by this topless, skinny kid and his skills – my only regret about the photo is that you can’t have two things which are thirty foot apart in focus, because I would love to be able to better see her expression – is it longing, lustful, fascinated, fearful? I suspect more fascinated than anything else, but who knows.

To accompany the photo, my favourite song about skateboarding for many years, Lupe Fiasco’s Kick Push, from his first album Food & Liquor. The track is a very old skool hip hop sounding, positive distillation of the life of a teenage skater which takes me right back to the day. Plus any track that manages to make a love story about skating and finding new spots is pretty damn cool if you ask me!

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