The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing

This might be the most relevant post yet on shotwithsound – not only was the image above taken only three days ago, the Drums are, according to sixteen seconds spent perusing Google (a ‘search’ engine), the BBC (a ‘broadcaster’) and the NME (an aging ‘Musical Express’) one of 2010′s big things and they are touring the UK this month too!

They are also from sunny Florida. And sing songs that sound like they’re about sunny California, so superficially at least (and superficial is all we’re interested in on shotwithsound), they shouldn’t have much to do with the south coast of England in February.

This weekend though, two things happened in Bournemouth that changed that – meterological conditions drove away the clouds and drove up a swell and a sweet offshore breeze, and I spent Saturday afternoon taking pictures of the results while I perhaps should have been watching football followed by rugbyball.

Hence a song that sounds so much like the Beach Boys that Brian Wilson is probably talking to Brian Wilson* about its beatific middle eight right now appearing here mere days later accompanied by a photo of a cut back splashing in the four o’clock sun. Let’s Go Surfing came out a while back, but it fits the image pretty ideally, and is a slab of summer when I need it most in chilly February, and It’s also got the best whistling I can think of on record since Bob Sinclar’s Love Generation!

As one of the next big things, there is plenty on the internet about The Drums, from their Myspace where you can get their UK tour dates, to a million mentions on Hypem, but they do not yet have much music for you to purchase aside from one EP available on The Drums - Summertime! EP.

When they do release an album though, you should buy it – because their debut will wind up soundtracking your summer when either actually arrive.

*To be clear, this is a terrible, innapropriate joke about schizophrenia in a genius not a failed attempt to name more than one Beach Boy with the surname Wilson.

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