Little Drummer Boy

Lindstrøm – Little Drummer Boy (Short Edit)

Christmas in London – the South Bank’s German Christmas market in full, colourful, hypnotic flow. You may have by now read about, or even heard, Lindstrøm’s 42 minute version of Little Drummer Boy, or it’s more radio friendly, 5-minute companion version, but if not, prepare to have you mind blown. It’s a pulsating, swirling carousel of electronica – melodic and familiar, yet sparse, cold and alien as well. It’s a late contender for dance record of the year, although on my stereo Fuck Buttons will probably win out, or Fever Ray if that counts. Nevertheless, have a listen to the above, and then find 40 minutes to immerse yourself in the electronic music experience of the year.

From Lindstrøm - Little Drummer Boy the full version will cost you about £7 – but you can get it for two credits from eMusic here, or for a mere £1.45 for download from Play here

Merry Christmas, peace and good will unto each and every one of you!

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