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London is the world’s fourteenth largest city, it is home nearly 8m people. 300 different languages are spoken on its streets. In the Nineteenth Century it was the capital of an empire over which the sun never set. Today it is a cosmopolitan, modern city that rivals New York, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong or Berlin – and to my mind beats them all hands down when you consider its culture, history, economy, sports and shops together.

If you’ve read the bio on the right, you’ll also know it’s where I live…

At a guess London has had more songs written about it than pretty much any other city except New York. There are many good ones, several great ones, but to my mind, this is the best.

Every year thousands of people move from everywhere in the world to live in London, hearing the city’s call – the song’s title and hook was actually based on the BBC’s use of the phrase at the start if World War Two propaganda broadcasts, and the majority of lyrics are on the negative side (“London is drowning and I live by the river”) but as a provincial lad living in London, the idea of it calling to faraway towns is very real…

And being written by art school boys pretending to be common oiks, a punk band with reggae roots and chops, it’s pretty cosmopolitan too.

If you’ve visited London you’ll recognise the lights and sights in the above image as being Picadilly Circus, if you haven’t, do. There’s no more to say!

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