Eels – Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues (Live at the Town Hall)

Given I actively set a policy on the side bar of this blog to not be topical, it’s kinda against my own rules to be writing this post on this basis of the weather, but so what, it looks like summer has finally come to London, even if it only lasted four days.

Serendipitously, for those of you enjoying the lush string filled beauty of Mr E’s blues playing from the link above right now, summer brought out the barbeques and beachwear the same weekend I read the incredible autobiography of Eels main man Mark Oliver Everett, or Mr E as he’s known to friends. Entitled Things To Tell The Grandchildren (there’s an Eels song of the same name on the double album Blinking Lights and Other Revelations), my excellent boss Joffy23 bought me it last week. I know right, what sort of dope boss buys brilliant books about indie heroes for the people who work for him?

Anyway, he did, and the combination of reading Everett’s tragic, redemptive, uplifting and inspiring life story and the mid to late twenties mini heat wave made me think that goddam right it was a beautiful day on Saturday.

The version of Mr E’s Beautiful Blues linked above is from the Eels With Strings live album recorded at Town Hall in New York that Eels released in 2006. As you might notice, it differs somewhat from the version we all know and love, in that you have to provide the vocals yourself. The track originally featured on the excellent Daisies Of The Galaxy album in 2000, and very nearly went top ten in the UK charts (according to the book it flopped in States cos radio stations will allow you to sing God and Damn, but not goddamn as one word).

The photo above was taken in the sun on Saturday: usually I’d try my best to avoid things like having a massively blown out white sky clipping the highlights and having me reflected in my ‘model’ (read wife!)’s sunglasses, but to be honest, I like this photo a lot as it completely captures the sunny day state of mind of just chilling and enjoying life. And the same sunny positivity resonates throughout the song.

Eels have so many great collections and albums, as well as different versions of Beautiful Blues, out that if I listed them all you’d be here all day, but a couple of the Amazon links below give you my personal highlights, and the iTunes button at the bottom links to the entire discography – if you’ve only heard the big singles, please check these out, there’s some amazing songs on there:

Daisies of the Galaxy

Meet The Eels – good collection of the Eels’ best bits, the big hits and the underground sleepers.

With Strings: Live At Town Hall

Blinking Lights and Other Revelations


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