Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car

This photo is basically an example of a played for fluke, a bit of inspiration, a bit of perspiration and a whole lotta luck.

I’ve spent weeks trying to nail motion blurring the background while keeping a moving subject crystal clear, trying with bikes, mopeds, cars, cyclists and even at a horserace, but with no real luck… That was until I was stood at some traffic lights last week, camera round my neck and spotted this guy pulling up.

Camera comes up; driver glances over; lights go green; car goes boom – maybe he was showing off, or maybe he leaves half his tire rubber at every traffic light, but speedy take off or not, I got a shot I’m pretty pleased with.

So the question was, how to get it on here? Well, perhaps it’s cos popular music emerged at pretty much the sane time cars became widely available to people young enough to rock, there are a hell of a lot of tunes about driving – as everyone who’s ever bought a motorway music compilation will know to their chagrin and embarrassment.

But for this shot, I wanted something a bit special and a lot suitable, something that goes fast, but is stylish as fuck, something that terrifies you with its growl, but seduces with its purr. Squarepusher, in his own words, is the fucking daddy, so if he’s got a song about a dope moter, it was always gunna be a goer.

A relaxed but raging, comfortablely chaotic charge through tempos, textures and time signatures, Sqaurepusher’s music is rarely less than challenging, complex genius. My Red Hot Car is one of his biggest tunes, and along with Windowlicker came to define the sound of the appallingly named, incredibly sounding music of Intelligent Dance Music (IDM). The music of Squarepusher, or Tom Jenkinson as his parents know him, has moved from techno, drum and bass and glitch, to jazz and music concrete, but is always engaging and ahead of the game.

My Red Hot Car was released on Warp (where else) in 2001, just before the album it featured on, Go Plastic, the track was recently included in the best thing I bought last year, the Warp 20th Anniversary box set. The collection features five CDs and five 10″ vinyls, as well as an exclusive digital download, of music, and the best packaging I’ve seen for years, alongside a catologue of every piece of Warp music’s artwork. It’s truly a thing of wonder and beauty, more information is here but unfortunately it appears to be sold out from Warp. You can still pick it up elsewhere online, and it’s well worth the £100+ price tag.

The original Go Plastic album can be bought from Amazon here or downloaded from Squarepusher - Go Plastic

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