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The Get Up Kids – Out Of Reach

Having broken up in 2004 and only reformed last year, The Get Up Kids are playing their first London show in over half a decade tonight. Having missed seeing them last time round, I’m very pleased to say I will be there this evening… and to celebrate, ten years from its original release, I thought I would feature a track from their landmark album, Something To Write Home About.

As many sophomore albums do, Something To Write Home About deals with issues of being in a succesful band, trying to juggle the pressures of touring with personal relationships and the problems with being away from home for long periods of time. Unlike many others though, it is rarely self-righteous or overtly whiny about the fame many bands try so hard to achieve then complain vehomemtly about.

Out Of Reach is my favourite track from the album so a few weekends ago I went looking to capture an image to accompany it here. I hope the above shot looking across the Solent to the Isle of White achieves the right balance of distance, space, exploration and loniliness that the song conveys…

You can the album in the usual places linked below, but if you do like the track and want more, it’s worth noting that a special Ten Year Anniversary edition is coming out next month with bonus material like live tracks and demos.

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