06 Re-Up

Since I first heard Burial’s South London Burroughs EP a few years ago (no I’m not fronting I don’t think I heard it till he was already fairly famous, although still anonymous at that stage) I’ve enjoyed dubstep but tended to for a couple of years at least, think it was a little limited as a genre, and probably destined to not be very long lived. In the last year or so a few things have changed my mind about that, or perhaps have changed dubstep to make it a little more diverse, and a little more likely to outlive it’s creators popularity.

After Burial’s Untrue album got so much attention, every advert seemed to borrow a tune or too many from a dubstep album, and it seemed to go a little stale. But a few new producers emerging – best of whom is Ikonika by a long way I think – and then the release of what for me is already a contender for album of the year from Skream, Outside The Box, seems to have re-energized the genre.
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Glasvegas – Be My Baby

Glasvegas – Be My Baby

After posting about Wavves on Sunday, I listened again to their album King of the Beach, and then yesterday morning, on the way to work, listened to Best Coast’s Crazy For You, coming to the conclusion that both owed a debt not only to late-sixties surf rock, early-seventies soul and late-eighties scuzz rock but also to a group of pasty-faced, leather-jacketed social-worker lauding Glasweigans… Yes that’s right, the appropriately named Glasvegas.
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Wavves – Idiot

So as to prove my intentions are sound in redefining the way shotwithsound works, going, as I explained here, from being a blog that fits music with my photography, as it was for a year, to being a blog about music, with some of my photos, the day after making the promise I’ll post more often, and hopefully more interestingly this way, here’s a post about my favourite new album. Posts used to be weekly here…
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What I talk about when I talk about blogging

This post is something of a confession, something of an explanation and (to use a fucking horrible corporate bullshit phrase), something of a mission statement.

Before all that though, the background. I love, adore, worship music. I hugely admire people who can make it, and not at all secretly wish I could too… But I can’t, I’m tone death and rhythm free. So instead, I talk about it a lot, write about it a little, and I started this blog about it.
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Concierto De Aranjuez

Miles Davis – Concierto De Aranjuez (Part Two Ending)

I wonder how many artists have classic albums celebrating their 50th birthdays this year that are not even their first album? I’d guess fairly few – but that’s the case for Sketches Of Spain, Miles Davis’ follow-up to the wildly successful Kind Of Blue (the jazz record people who don’t like jazz own).
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