The Beatles – Birthday

I wouldn’t normally dream of using material by any of the greats of modern music on shotwithsound – far be it from me to attempt to link one of my photos with works of art by the likes of Dylan, the Stones, Ace of Base, or even little known Scouse skiffle act The Beatles – but as today is a special day, I’m going to make an exception.
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Waves and Radiation

Waves and Radiation – Twisted Science

So to Mars, or the aftermath of some shocking nuclear accident, a Three-Mile Island for Theydon Boise, a Chernobyl for Chertsey if you will. Or, perhaps more prosaically what you can do if you take everything but the infrared spectrum out of an image and then tweak it to the edges of reality using Photoshop.
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Yeasayer – Sunrise

This post was promised a few weeks ago on the back of a trip to the coast and a four am start for a sunrise photo trip… The first results of that trip and a track from Fleet Foxes can be found here, but I took enough photos that I’m pleased with that morning, that I wanted two bites of the cherry, as it were.
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July, July

The Decemberists – July, July!

The Decemberists seem an odd band to celebrate the start of July with a post about(although I suppose given we’re now six months through the year, we’re closer to next December than last today!), but then they’ve never seemed to be solely a ‘winter band’, name notwithstanding. As a digression, for me ‘winter bands’ are those who are either to be solely listened to during the colder months, or at elates those who sound better then, and vice versa for ‘summer bands’. Some examples of the type would include Joy Division, Bon Iver and Plastikman for the winter, and Sublime, the Beach Boys and the Kinks for summer.
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Olafur Arnalds – Tunglid

Five years ago, had I asked you to tell me a few things you knew from Iceland, I guess you would probably have said Bjork, Sigur Ros, and then either the Sugar Cubes, Eidur Gudjohnsen or perhaps the most expensive beer in Europe. Unfortunately, the cold little island’s reputation has taken something of a hammering since then, with the collapse of Icesave robbing thousands of their savings, retail group Baugur collapse sending high street stores close administration, and then to top if off, ash from Eyjafjallaj√∂kull closing European airspace for days and ruining thousands of holidays in April.

So it might not only be known for it’s quirky musicians and their unique jangly pop anymore, but that doesn’t mean that Iceland isn’t still turning out the tunes. As well as the prolific work of Sigur Ros main man Jonsi, this week saw an announcement about a proposed collaboration between Bjork and New York’s Dirty Projectors… But away from the big names, for an island with a population less to Norwich, there is a flourishing scene of new young artists producing unique, original music, almost out of the sight of the international music scene.

Compilation series Made In Iceland is doing something about that, grouping together a pretty diverse range of artists united by their nationality. That’s where I heard Olafur Arnolds’ music for the first time; along with the afore-mentioned Jonsi and 18 of his other countrymen, he features on the 3rd installation of the series.

I knew I wanted to use something from the compilation on shotwithsound, but unfortunately, to date my adwords revenue won’t quite stretch to a ticket to Reykjavik to take some photos to accompany it, so I’ve improvised a little to use the above. It was actually shot using an infrared filter, hence the dark sky and black lake, which I think gives the photo a mysterious, ethereal nature that fits the song nicely.

You can find more info about the compilation and sample more of the songs on the Iceland Music Export site here

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