Great Lake Swimmers – Pulling On A Line (Live)

I’ve been wanting to feature Great Lake Swimmers on here for such a long time that the draft of this post, with the live version of Pulling On A Line that is attached to it actually dates from January. Since then I’ve taken about four different photos that I’ve thought of featuring with it, but have rejected each of them for not being exactly what I pictured when I heard the song – a shot facing out to sea with a man fishing, silhouetted against a setting sun…

As you can see above, I’ve not actually used the image I was imagining, because having actually recently taken one in Bournemouth that was pretty close to it, I realised I didn’t actually like it that much and I much prefer the one above. I like the companionship that’s at the heart of it and the way nature’s power is drawn out with the swan beating his wings in the foreground.

Toronto’s Great Lake Swimmers make music that is wholly familiar with nature and man’s place alongside the natural world, their folky indie rock is a slightly more melodic Bonnie Prince Billy, and at times even gets melodic enough to sound Creedence / Fleet Foxesy (which is nearly an anagram of To Feel Sexy).

The version of what us probably their best known song above is drawn from The Legion Sessions, a live recording of their fourth album, Lost Channels.

You can buy both The Legion Sessions, and Lost Channels from Amazon here or download them from Great Lake Swimmers

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