06 Re-Up

Since I first heard Burial’s South London Burroughs EP a few years ago (no I’m not fronting I don’t think I heard it till he was already fairly famous, although still anonymous at that stage) I’ve enjoyed dubstep but tended to for a couple of years at least, think it was a little limited as a genre, and probably destined to not be very long lived. In the last year or so a few things have changed my mind about that, or perhaps have changed dubstep to make it a little more diverse, and a little more likely to outlive it’s creators popularity.

After Burial’s Untrue album got so much attention, every advert seemed to borrow a tune or too many from a dubstep album, and it seemed to go a little stale. But a few new producers emerging – best of whom is Ikonika by a long way I think – and then the release of what for me is already a contender for album of the year from Skream, Outside The Box, seems to have re-energized the genre.

Hence the decision to have a dubstep post, and the effort to find the right underpass to shoot the photo above. When I initially decided to do something like this post, I thought I might use either the Hammersmith or Shepherd’s Bush flyovers for the photo, but the darkness and the lack of punch made me reject that for the above, a local elevated section of the A40 that we found on a walk in country one day – yeah I know, lovely walk!

I’ve got slightly different plans for a track from the Skream album, so I’ve decided not to post anything from that for this post, even though his second amazing collaboration with La Roux, Finally, blows my mind and was a very tempting post. So I decided to go for a favourite from earlier this year, Ginz & Joker’s Re:Up – after all any track referencing the Wire can’t be too bad right? I heard it on a GetDarker compilation, but it also features as the flip side of a 12″ with Purple City on the A. It’s a bit more hip hoppy and melody driven than some other dubstep, but the crunchy treble and grooving baseline are pretty addictive.

You can buy GetDarker Presents: This Is Dubstep Volume Two from Amazon here or download it from iTunes here: GetDarker Presents: This Is Dubstep 2 – Various Artists>

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