RiptideWilly Mason – Riptide

As this is the first time a shotwithsound post has had a subject, I decided for the first time to select the song to use with him. How’s that for user interaction… Lee is my cousin and has helped to get me into more music than I can remember, so it wasn’t too much of a risk asking him to have a go at this!

After some debate about various unsuitable or just plain awful songs from both of us, he suggested Riptide as it both thematically fits the photo and suits him too. As far as I’m concerned, it is perfect: the song is a folky, lonely lament that makes metaphor with a river’s journey for change, travel and failure.

The picture was taken on a trip we both took to our hometown Christchurch, appropriately by the ocean, very early one morning, and just out of shot under the wall is the river that is being so closely contemplated.

As for the lyrics themselves, seeing as the pair of us live in the city and we’d come home, to the ocean, that much is true – however, I don’t think either of our dreams are chocked out yet though!

Lee has his own band, Breakfast With Wolves, with which he plays bass and sings, you can hear their music over on Myspace: Breakfast With Wolves Hopefully one day soon I will take a photo for one of their songs and ask nicely if I can post it here!

I hope to take some more photos with people in for the blog, but it’s not really my forte, so this might be the last one for a while.

Download the album If The Ocean Gets Rough from Willy Mason - If the Ocean Gets Rough

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