Volcano Choir - Still

The latest music from Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon was released this week in the guise of Volcano Choir’s Unmap – a collaboration between Vernon and the experimental post-rock outfit Collections Of Colonies Of Bees.

If he had any fear of being typecast as ‘the guy in the cabin whose wife left him’ then this release is unlikely to shift that perception of Vernon – but to be fair, the topics do stretch further than his hugely rated and raved over For Emma, Forever Ago’s (mine and many others’ album of the year last year) post-divorce introspection.

Only one of the album’s nine tracks is not new material, Still – the song linked above – also featured on Bon Iver’s Blood Bank EP although with a different name (Woods), with different music and slightly more reliance on what sounds to me like Auto Tune or something similar. It is also the song most similar in sentiment and style to For Emma, Forever Ago.

For a long time I’d been planning to use the image above on here with the track Wisconsin from For Emna, Forever Ago – only really waiting until it started to get a bit more wintery to relate the image to the seasons, but seeing as it is pretty Autumnal now and the album is out this week I decided to switch things around.

The photo was taken in the New Forset in Hampshire during a cold snap last winter and always made me think of isolation, protection and introspection offered by the cabin in the middle of the frozen woods where this song was initially written. The delicacy of the branches, the fragility of nature in the midst of winter and the stasis produced by freezing water in neat symetary with the song’s lyrics.

You can buy Unmap from Amazon here

Or download it from Volcano Choir - Unmap

Amazon say they are selling Blood Bank here, it’s from another merchant but still says it’s available in the UK here

You can definitely get Blood Bank digitally from Bon Iver - Blood Bank - EP

And if you don’t yet own For Emma, Forever Ago, you should. Buy it here

Or download it: Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago

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