Smoke Fairies – Summer Fades

Rarely has a song I’ve used on shotwithsound better fitted my mood than this one does, so I’m glad to be able to post it here to share with you. The tune is an incredibly delicate, nostalgic song lamenting the the fact that there is nothing to look forward to… All a bit heavy eh, and the song’s about the end of a relationship, which doesn’t have anything to do with my current state of mind at all, but who doesn’t get to the end of summer and feel a bit down?

Smoke Fairies might well be the perfect band for clear early autumn evenings, particularly if you spend them around a low campfire in a woodland glen. The Sussex duo of Katharine Blamire and Jessica Davies play very delicate, very melodic, very English folk music influenced by the likes of Sandy Denny, Shelagh McDonald and June Tabor.

The image above was taken last week in Spain, in the mountains to the south of Valencia. Like the song, the photo seems to slip through your fingers and disappear from view so gradually you can hardly notice the hills slipping into the sky as the sun slips beyond the horizon.

Their brilliant debut album, Through Low Light And Trees (I can think of few more apt album titles) was recently released and as well as the influence of the above artists, there are also shades of Fairport Convention, Creedence and more modern folkies like Fleet Foxes. A couple of the tracks even feature some pretty heavy blues riffs to contrast the delicate dual harmonies from the two singers.

If you want to get it before it features on every Best of 2010 list, the album can be purchased from Amazon here or downloaded from here

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