Yeasayer – Sunrise

This post was promised a few weeks ago on the back of a trip to the coast and a four am start for a sunrise photo trip… The first results of that trip and a track from Fleet Foxes can be found here, but I took enough photos that I’m pleased with that morning, that I wanted two bites of the cherry, as it were.

So I’d already decided on Yeasayer, and although I missed out on timing the post to the release of their sophomore album Odd Blood, last month, given they are in the UK for a couple of bizarrely small concert dates at the moment (Cambridge tonight, Sheffield tomorrow, Brighton next week, followed by playing Lovebox and Latitude on the17th and 18th – more details here), I figured I’d tie the post to that for as good an excuse as any.

I’m always a little bit cautious about ‘blog buzz’ bands – at least I’m cautious about putting them on here when they are in the midst of that buzz. I say it a lot, but I really don’t want to aim this blog at being anything more than a hobby to show off my photos and music I love, so falling into the trap of having tracks that are high on the hypem most blogged list is counter-intuitive for me. Yeasayer are certainly what I’d call a ‘blog band’, but I think the heat has probably come off a little, so I either look behind the times or too out of the loop to know better, not a problem!

As I said, the second album has just been released, but this was the hit from their debut All Our Cymbals, from 2007, a groovy slice of dreamy electronic indie that preempted the current laptop gaze, bedroom pop movement. The group only really came to my attention with the release of their single Ambling Alp last year, although Sunrise did feature on a brilliant Uncut magazine compilation from I think 2008 called New Harvest that I’m finding myself constantly replaying at the moment.

You can buy both Odd Blood and All Our Cymbals from Amazon, and download them, and Ambling Amp, from Yeasayer

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