Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar

A slowly swelling, psychedelically swirling, weirdly washing, wave of sound, that gathers from somewhere in the mid-tempo, or somewhere in the outer cosmos, until the churn is defined, refined and designed by a heavy beat, pounding like surf against the shore of your mind.

Metaphors may be mixed like martinis and similies shaken like a Singapore Slings but for me, blogging after midnight is rare, and blogging about trance inducing, proggy psy techno is rarer still. I usually don’t care to much for outer reaches of indulgence achieved by producers exploring sonic and chemical boundaries – when I want beats, I usually want them hard, minimal, and, um, squelchy. But for the appallingly, abysmally named Fuck Buttons I’ll make an exception.

The whole of Tarot Sport, their Andrew Weatherall produced second album sounds like the exploration of outer space on mescaline, and it kicks off from the creeping trip that is Surf Solar, and it’s gradually rising tide of music… All ten and a half minutes of it. Building to a peak then falling gradually away again, the song neatly encapsulates the album that succeeds it, like the chorus surmising a play before the action commenses.

The image above was taken using two Cokin filters shifted in line with the horizon (clue, and blue and a red one) then had the levels pushed in Photoshop to bring out the tones and emphasise the other wordliness of it all.

You can purchase Tarot Sport from Amazon here or download it from Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport to apreciate the journey (um, trip?) yourself.

A cursory (what other type is there for bloggers) at Wikipedia (what other source of info is there for bloggers?!) tells me they also remixed Fever Ray’s If I Had A Heart, must look that out.

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