Magic Hours

Explosions In The Sky – Magic Hours

Today being the fifth of November it seems like as appropriate a day as any for some Explosions In The Sky on shotwithsound. You may be worrying that lame pun is enough to justify featuring a tune from one of the best exponants of post rock this decade but given they are actually named after fireworks, today’s their day!

And given their propensity for writing music that grows and grows from the ember of a melody to the often raging inferno of wave after hypnotic wave of rushing, crashing rock I can see no reason not to feature them on Bonfire Night. And yes that last sentence did horribly mix fire and water metaphors, give me a break alright: it’s been a long day.

The image above is a long exposure shot of a low wattage light bulb (traditional as you’d imagine Daily Mail reading reactionaries) with several post production filters to bring out the colours and (over) emphasise the fiery colours. So not a firework at all, but it sure looks cool if you ask me!

Magic Hours is from Explosions’ first album How Strange, Innocence, from way back when in 2000 – which was initially stuck out in a couple of hundred CDRs to their mates, before going whatever going viral was called before things went viral.

You can hear more of Explosions on their website here: Explosions In The Sky

Or you can buy How Strange, Innocence from Amazon

Or download it from Explosions In The Sky - How Strange, Innocence