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Summer Fades

Smoke Fairies – Summer Fades

Rarely has a song I’ve used on shotwithsound better fitted my mood than this one does, so I’m glad to be able to post it here to share with you. The tune is an incredibly delicate, nostalgic song lamenting the the fact that there is nothing to look forward to… All a bit heavy eh, and the song’s about the end of a relationship, which doesn’t have anything to do with my current state of mind at all, but who doesn’t get to the end of summer and feel a bit down?

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Yeasayer – Sunrise

This post was promised a few weeks ago on the back of a trip to the coast and a four am start for a sunrise photo trip… The first results of that trip and a track from Fleet Foxes can be found here, but I took enough photos that I’m pleased with that morning, that I wanted two bites of the cherry, as it were.
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Sun It Rises

Fleet Foxes – Sun It Rises

There are two types of people in the world: those who think that sunrises or sunsets in landscape photos are an hideous, lazy cliches to be avoided like the plague… And those who are right. Most people realise that the light is at its best at the start and end of the day, so that’s by default the best time of day to be taking photos – so most landscapes features dawns and dusks.

Most of mine do in any case, so I’ll defend the cliche if needs be, ideally with the use of a half decent image to do so. The problem is, it’s all well and good taking sunset and sunrise photos in the middle of winter when the sun seems to rise at about 10am and set at around midday, but the sky tends to be a flat unremitting grey or it’s pissing down at that time of year. Whereas, in the two weeks or so of good weather we get year, the sunrises at about five am – not the ideal time of day for anyone to be up and about, especially when you’ve got to build in time to take the shot too.

It happened that a fortnight ago, I spent the night alone in a beach hut staying on the Sandbank at Mudeford Quay, and had the luck of great weather, combined with the opportunity of being able to crawl out of bed at 4am, set up a series of photos, then ninety minutes later slink back off to bed, as God intended. The above is one of the fruits of that session, a slightly over-exposed, long shutter speed shot across the Solent towards the Isle Of White, making the channel look like a snow covered field as the pink orb of the sun barely crests the horizon.

I expect I will use several other images captured that morning in the coming weeks as I am really pleased with some of the shots I managed (what’s that you say, Yeasayer have a track called Sunrise?).

But first to Fleet Foxes, and the opener from their beautiful pseudonymous debut album, Sun It Rises. Like much of the album that succeeds it, the tune is a pastoral, folky number, ideal for coffee shops and dinner parties, but no less lovely for it.

Regular readers will realise… That I like alliteration. And also that I like the new folky sounds popularised by the likes of Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, and the Low Anthem, and despite using music from many of their contemporaries, have not yet featured Fleet Foxes. Strangely, they were very nearly the first track I put on here (I decided on Happiness instead), but since then I’ve never got around to using them.

So after a delay caused by monumental success, touring commitments and side projects, they a expected to release new music this year, so I thought I’d jump in and use this now, before it’s superseded – not that that really stops me posting things to be honest.

You can buy the album Fleet Foxes from Amazon here, or download it from Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

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