TraAphex Twin – Tha

Long exposure times after dark, and a row of slow moving cars. One of the oldest tricks in the book to convey futurism and movement in photography, but kinda neat nonetheless. I wouldn’t have made this the first shot I put up here, but I wanted something to accompany a bit of ambient / nascent IDM and this seems like the best type of image for it to me.

 You’ll notice if you notice these things the cars are on the ‘wrong’ side of the road – it is another Spanish shot, but from Barcelona this time not Madrid… On one of the huge, terrifying boulevards that track north of Las Ramblas along which Spanish drivers flash at fearful speeds.

 Tra too has a huge sense of movement, if not evolution, within its beats and it sounds to me like a direct descendent of the Kraftwerk track Autobahn, coming as it did almost before Richard D James had a hugely unique voice of his own… Leading to his genre defining (and as with so many genre defining albums, genre killing too) album Drugks.

Tra though sounds to me like a late night / early morning drive around a smooth, modern city in a fast, new car with a great sub and the stereo turned way up. So seeing as I will be doing that this evening, and taking Selected Ambient Works along for the ride, I figured I would post this today.

 Download it on Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92 - Tha

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Image of Selected Ambient Works 85-92

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