Pedro The Lion – The Longest Winter

Because it’s still bloody cold, and it snowed yesterday, and because I love this song, and I took loads of snow pictures last weekend, but not because it’s a cheap tabloidesque page filler or I’m a typical weather-obsessed Brit, this post is again about the winter.

Pedro The Lion were an indie band from Washington State, fronted by, and essentially the baby of, David Bazan – one of American indie’s most interesting and enigmatic figures, whose open and intelligent lyrics describe in explicit detail his struggles with his faith, love, politics and alcohol.

Despite being big around the time of the third wave of emo, and writing to my mind the era’s best song in Bad Diary Days (someone needs to call their band that by the way), Pedro rightly avoid being lumped in with the likes Saves The Day, Jimmy Eat World or Dashboard Confessional and really pre-empt artists like Bon Iver, The Low Anthem and even Grizzly Bear’s work.

Drawn from their debut album (1999′s It’s Hard to Find a Friend) The Longest Winter, as well as being apt for this unthawing frozen January, is a cautionary tale about accidently ending up lonely, old and cold with nothing but memories of the love you once knew to keep you company. Cheery. The mood is marginally lightened by the dark wit that cuts across many of Bazan’s lyrics – the narrator laments a life that’s left him ‘in a studio apartment,
with a cat for a wife’ – but generally, like much of the album, it’s as bleak as the title suggests.

Unfortunately, Pedro The Lion split back in 2006, but Bazan himself continues to produce music under his own name – including an album released early last year. He is touring Europe this month and next – you can find the dates at his website here.

The photo above was taken in the countryside north west of London, and I chose it from many many snowy shots because I like the space that is self-evidently created by the whiteness of the snow in the foreground and sky in the distance, isolating the house against the chill of the landscape.

You can buy Its Hard To Find A Friend from Amazon here or download it here: Pedro the Lion - It's Hard to Find a Friend

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