Dashboard Confessional – The Sharp Hint Of New Tears

When I first looked at this picture, I knew I liked it and wanted to use it, but it took me a surprising amount of consideration to work out how. Surprising because literally and figuratively, I think this is one of the best matches I’ve posted on shotwithsound since I started last summer.

It was the tears that did it in the end – it so often is with emo – when I stopped looking at the image as an out of focus view from a car after dark and started thinking of it as one distorted by tears, it was all too easy.

The most overtly smackable and over-wrought of the balladeers that consisted 2001′s third wave of emo, Dashboard Confessional, the solo and then full band project of Chris Carrabba (ex of Further Seems Forever), had one very good album and several brilliant EPs, before becoming a bit too, well teenage, for a mid-twenties tattoo coated ex-hardcore type to pull off.

The Sharp Hint of New Tears is the song from which Carrabba drew his band’s name, with its refrain of “This car hears my confessions, I think tonight I’ll take the long way” and lyrics about failing to hold back the tears, it’s both my favourite wussy song, and a perfect fit for an image that looks like a tear-drenched view of the car in front’s back bumper.

iTunes doesn’t seem to have the initial EP on which the track appeared or the more widely available MTV Unplugged session that features the version above, but you can buy that from Amazon here

By the way – this blog in no way endorses the unsafe practice of driving and crying. Man up you big girl’s blouse!

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