Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink

Credit where it’s due, until reminded of its brilliance by my brother-in-law Graeme a few weeks back, I’d not listened to Nathan Fake’s stunning debut album for ages and ages, prefering to consult with Boards Of Canada, Plaid, Four Tet and even click techno maestro James Holden when I was looking for a fix of pastoral electronica.

Of course, as soon as I heard the opening bars of The Sky Was Pink, I realised the error of my ways, not least in so much as it is one of the easiest tunes to fit an image to for this site! Especially as about a fortnight ago I bought myself a Cokin filter system that included a red ‘sunset’ graduated filter. The sky might not have been pink, but it bloody well looks like it was! And yes, of all the pink hued skies I could have chosen, using the one of a lovely looking sea was conscious!

Released in 2006, Drowning In A Sea Of Love was huge at the time, and featured highly in lots of critic’s best ofs for the year, but aside from a few remixes, non of which had quite the same impact as tracks like the one above and Grandfathered, not to mention his huge remix of Isst by Tiefschwarz, Fake had a pretty low profile until at the back end of last summer he released sophomore effort Hard Islands.

Less shimmering and more shuddering than the melodic chimes of his debut, the techno factor is definitely notched up on Hard Islands, I think somewhat to the detriment of what Fake does best – the soft stuff.

Two other Fake facts – along with Stewart Price (Les Rythmes Digital) he’s my joint favourite musician from Reading – which sounds like damning with faint praise but really isn’t. He’s also I think the only person of any level of fame to have ever been in a club in which I was DJing.

You can buy both albums from Amazon or download them from Nathan Fake

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