Jonsi – Tornado (Acoustic)

If you’ve been waiting patiently and hitting refresh every five minutes for the past month, you’ll know that updates have been very few and far between during the month of April for shotwithsound, and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that the reason for that was a long holiday, made even longer by being stranded follow ashmagedon, or Iceland’s Revenge as it’s otherwise known. So what better way to celebrate my return to the UK, and shotwithsound’s return to providing shots with sounds, than a track from one of Iceland’s most famous exports?

So it’s a useful coincidence that Sigur Ros’ lead singer Jonsi put out his first solo album, Go, in the first week I was away, which swiftly became the soundtrack to my holiday, not least the days spent in the amazing Halong Bay, pictured above.

There is something of the dawn about Jonsi’s voice in the best moments of Sigur Ros’ music, and also something primeval and elemental, as there is in Go. It’s this natural element to his voice, and the music that often accompanies it, that made me choose one of the most natural – in the sense of being untouched by man – photos I’ve ever taken to go with the song.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to sort and categorise all the photos I took in my moth long trip (over 4,500 believe it or not), so I am sure more of them will appear on here in the coming months. In fact, to have any chance of hitting my very loose target of four posts a month, I’ll have to do more pretty quickly!

You can by Go from Amazon here, or do what I did and download Go from J√≥nsi - Go You might even be able to do in one of Hanoi’s Highland Coffees like I did too, if so, well done, wish I was there.

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