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For my second shotwithsound post it took me a long time to choose the image but then the song to accompany it was almost too easy. The photo was taken recently at the Eurostar terminal in Kings Cross St Pancras station, and attempts to balance a long exposure time with the light of an extremely sunny day by London standards. The blue filter was added later and gives the whole thing a futuristic sheen which only made the track choice easier.

Trans-Europe Express was the title track from Kraftwerk’s 1977 album, and built on their earlier celebration of the car, Autobahn, as an entire record devoted to the railway. The album was conceived in Paris’s Gare DueLyon station, the sister of the Eurostar’s Parisian terminus, Gare Du Nord.

The album’s clean minimal sound was achieved using new sequencing equipment and is widely considered to be the forefather of both electro and techno, so I think the futuristic tone of the image, the sense of a world in motion, transiting populations on modern railways all fit the crisp, neutral, timeless beauty of the song.

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