Pendulum – Watercolour (DeadMau5 Remix)

After they released their second album a few years ago, I wasn’t really 100% convinced about Pendulum… I wasn’t really sure what they were supposed to be for, and I’m not sure they did either. I basically felt that despite having one of the most promising debut albums in dance music for the past decade with Hold Your Colour, since then they hadn’t built on the variety and magnificence of ideas they displayed in those 14 songs.

Their second album In Silico did contain some orginal stuff that developed Hold Your Colour, a little, but relied far to much (in my view!) on the ‘what would it sound like if a drum and bass act sang rock songs’ gimmick that frankly, Pitchshifter were doing better a decade ago.

So following the announcement of their third album, Immersion, I’ve been kind of hopeful that it will fully realise their potential and surprise with some new departures. The signs on the back of the debut single Watercolour are at least partially positive: yes they are still sticking to the rock and bass thing, but I think they’ve got a lot better at it. And even if you say nothing more, they pick a wicked pair of remixers: dubstepper Emalkay and the artist behind the version above, electro producer du jour (and hopefully du many more jours) Deamau5.

Looking at the image above, you might think, how cheap, he’s just punning the fact that the song’s called Watercolour, and his picture of a harbour has some colours in it. True, but I think the slick harbour waters, the twinkling lights and the futuristic sense of movement in the panorama all work really well with this particular version of the song, with it’s slow builds and pulsing breakdown.

The track is out now and available to download from Pendulum - Watercolour - EP

Both the original and the spacier, dubbier effort produced by Emalkay are worth checking out, especially for the sub £2 price tag.

The album itself is out on May 24th and can be pre-ordered from Amazon here. Despite my initial reservations, on the strength of this single, I’ll certainly be picking it up.

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