Waves and Radiation – Twisted Science

So to Mars, or the aftermath of some shocking nuclear accident, a Three-Mile Island for Theydon Boise, a Chernobyl for Chertsey if you will. Or, perhaps more prosaically what you can do if you take everything but the infrared spectrum out of an image and then tweak it to the edges of reality using Photoshop.

I posted one of my first infrared images on here a few weeks ago with a song by Olafur Arnalds but you see, back then, I was doing it wrong, or at least I wasn’t trying hard enough to really fuck reality. I know what I’m doing a little bit better now, so I thought I’d use another image, with an even more appropriate song.

Twisted Science’s Waves and Radiation sounds like a recording of the transmission received from a doomed earth after a Cold War catastrophe cast us all it a futile fallout void. As a ‘song’ it’s at best intermittent, as a soundtrack to a sci-fi set in the photo above, it’s pretty apt.

Twisted Science is the rather apt pseudonym of Lo Records founder Jonathan Tye, who in his various guises produces music at the boundaries of what was known as IDM, ambient and drill ‘n’ bass, making music that frankly, and scandalously, is heard by fewer people than the average Dizzee Rascal song gets downloads in 30 seconds.

I came across his stuff through buying compilations from Lo featuring tunes from the likes of Luke Vibert, Add N To X and Ceephax – a few years ago, my car stereo got stolen, and the thieves genuinely paused in their theft to eject the compilation of IDM that was in it at the time before nicking it. That’s the quality of Reading crims for you.

You too can own Lo Compilations for ridiculously small amounts of money for thieves to leave by visiting their site at www.lorecordings.com

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