So as to prove my intentions are sound in redefining the way shotwithsound works, going, as I explained here, from being a blog that fits music with my photography, as it was for a year, to being a blog about music, with some of my photos, the day after making the promise I’ll post more often, and hopefully more interestingly this way, here’s a post about my favourite new album. Posts used to be weekly here…

Anyway, enough introspection, let’s get into shoegazing instead of naval gazing… If you’ve read any music blogs over the last few months, or broadsheet culture sections over the last few weeks, you’ve probably heard of Nathan Willams Wavves and the, well, wave of So-Cal sounding sunshine bands that they’re at the, um, crest of.

King of the Beach, their new album, is out this week, and for the amount of coverage it has received, may as well be their UK debut (as an aside, isn’t it odd how all the thousands of well paid music hacks manage to simultaneously alight on the same band, who have been pretty good for two albums, just as they get a major marketing budget…good thing they’re still out there working hard to bring us new music I say).

The first single from the album, Post Acid, came out earlier this year, and to be fair to last junket-jetting, lunch-ligging hacks, did herald something of an evolution in the sound, though given it came on the back of a pretty much complete breakdown from Williams, brought on by sone fairly heavy substance issues, that’s not that surprising I guess.

The album is more pop influenced, and pulls from a wider pool of influences than the Beach Boys, weed and synths, which the first album and a half could have been accused of. At times sounding like Social Distortion, at other the Ronettes, before harking back to the Bryan Wilson sound, the album is a great summer slice of songs…

Far and away my favourite track from the CD is the Surfaris, Bad Religion and Jesus and Mary Chain chilling out together under a pier in Long Beach sound of Idiot, so check it out below, then you can buy the album from Amazon here, or download it from King

Wavves – Idiot

And see, I managed to go a whole post without mentioning that cat or Best Coast… Nearly! But I do have one question about that – why has no-one coined the term cat core to describe the genre?

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