This post is something of a confession, something of an explanation and (to use a fucking horrible corporate bullshit phrase), something of a mission statement.

Before all that though, the background. I love, adore, worship music. I hugely admire people who can make it, and not at all secretly wish I could too… But I can’t, I’m tone death and rhythm free. So instead, I talk about it a lot, write about it a little, and I started this blog about it.

I also love photography. Over the last few months, I’ve got more and more into it, and I’ve decided I want to try and work out a way to make my hobby, if not a career, then at least one part of how I make money. So ice been spending more time on it… And if I’m honest, that’s meant that I’ve neglected shotwithsound – too much work on the shots, perhaps while listening to the sounds, but not putting them together has meant the site hasn’t been as good as it could have been recently.

So, because I know I have loads more I want to do with my photography in the coming months that will eat up my free time, I’ve decided to change the way I do shotwithsound to allow me to carry on talking about music to anyone who wants to listen, and not have to compromise. How punk.

So shotwithsound is no longer going to be about shots that fit with sounds… Instead, it’s going to be shots, and sounds, but not necessarily at the same time. What another MP3 blog you say? Well, yeah… But I hope an interesting, well written, good one – with enough of my personality in it to make it fun and a bit different.

I’ll still try not to be too driven by what’s hip in the world of pitchfork, what’s topping the hypem charts, or what’s all over elb.ow – because they already do that really really well, and I neither want to, nor could, compete with them to tell you Vampire Weekend, The XX and Beach House are a bit good (they all are by the way).

So the mission statement? In the future, I’ll blog more, about more music that I love. And, by not forcing myself to link it to an image, I’ll try and blog more about music you might not have heard. I’ll also keep posting my photos on here, and I might try to post other culture things I fund cool here too from time to time.

I hope you like it…

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