Frame The City – Whisper In Winter

A few months ago, something strange started to happen. People I don’t know, people I’ve never met, or heard of, talented people, friendly people, polite people, started sending me emails. Usually, the emails I recieve offer me the opportunity to share Nigerian lottery winnings or score cheap drugs, and they’re polite too, and talented in their own way I guess… But these were different. These emails had MP3s attached. People were sending me their music, their often brilliant music (though occasionally not), for free, just because I write this blog. Talk about an unexpected bonus!

So far, I’ve not used any of the music I’ve recieved on here, simply because even if I’ve liked it a lot, this isn’t just an MP3 blog, it’s an MP3 photo blog, so I needed the shot to fit the sound. To date, that hadn’t happened. Then last night, a kind chap called Nate sent me am email with two sample tracks from his band Frame The City’s new EP, and although they are both excellent, one in particular stood out because I could immediately picture the type of image I wanted to use with it.

Frame The City opened their email by saying they were the benevolant recipients of plaudits comparing them to the Postal Service (I paraphrase), but they would prefer to stand on their own two feet. Now as any regular reader knows, my live for the work of Gibbard and Tamborello knows few bounds. But like all addicts, I’ve been stung by replacement fixes before (Owl City and the abysmal Metro Station being particular culprits), so I didn’t hold my breath…

But then, but then… Frame The City sent me two songs, one of which is available to download above, and both of which are indeed reminiscent of the Postal Service, and for that matter draw direct influences from Tamborello’s day job with Dntel, but retain enough of their own inspiration and innovation to produce final songs that sound fresh as well as familiar: crisp, melodic and hook-laden dreamy glitch pop.

The whole EP is available to stream and purchase on the band’s Facebook pageĀ and I’d urge you to check it out as well as the track above. And while you’re on Facebook, add me if you haven’t already!

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